Teacher Tech Tips

This presentation covers numerous tips and tricks that can benefit classroom teachers who need to use technology. While the middle two sections are most relevant to GPA teachers, the remaining sections contain lots of good advice for any teacher who needs to use technology in their work in nearly any capacity.

Teacher Tech Tips Update

This talk has now been updated for 2021. It combines that talk with another presentation I’ve given to my high school classes on Internet Security and Safety, as well as introduces possible app options to learn during this Teacher Training course.

This presentation was given as part of a training seminar at Global Prodigy Academy international high school in Jeonju. It covers the following:

  1. Useful Computer Tricks (keyboard shortcuts) for teachers
  2. GPA’s Acceptable Use Policy (Brief)
  3. Website(s) pertinent to GPA teachers
  4. Gmail tips & tricks
  5. Google Calendar tips & tricks

Useful Computer Tricks

The following are some of THE very best computer tricks for teachers I’ve picked up over the years (and use on a nearly daily basis):

  1. Browser Tricks
    1. CTRL + SHIFT + N = Chrome’s Incognito mode (doesn’t save passwords, browsing history, etc)
    2. CTRL + SHIFT + T = Re-open the most recently closed tab
    3. In Gmail, with keyboard shortcuts enabled: C = compose new message
    4. For printing in the computer lab, the Teacher’s computer must be ON because all the lab computers are routed through it to the printers
  2. Windows Shortcuts
    1. CTRL + ALT + DELETE = Slow, additional step to Task Manager
    2. CTRL + SHIFT + ESC = FAST, direct Task Manager access
    3. Win + ← or Win + → = Move current window to half screen
    4. Win + L = Instant logout
    5. Win + P = Change Presentation (projector) mode
    6. PrtSc = screenshot (with Lightshot app installed)
  3. Text Editing
    1. Use CTRL + SHIFT + V instead of CTRL + V to remove styling from text you copy-paste
    2. CTRL + K = create hyperlink from selected text

Acceptable Use Policies

GPA’s Stuff (Google Account / Computers)

  1. Keep it professional (all channels)
  2. Google account:Contract end:
    1. Keep it (~6 months non-use)
    2. Termination: Lose it
  3. Legal issues: GPA owns it

YOUR Stuff (SNS / Messaging)

  1. Keep it professional (all channels)
  2. Socializing with students outside school
    1. KakaoTalk, etc
    2. Scheduling things outside school hours (admin)

STUDENT Stuff (Reminders (from personal experience))

  1. Keep door codes/passwords secret (shoulder surfing)
  2. No food/drink at the computers (in the lab)
  3. No downloading/installing games/programs
  4. Zero-tolerance policy for bullying (online or off)
  5. Teacher’s computer is “unfrozen”

GPA websites

Gmail tips & tricks

There are three great ways you can immediately personalize and start taking control of your Gmail account:

  1. Personalize it
    1. Change your profile picture
    2. Change your email signature
  2. Organize it
    1. Configure your Inbox (multiple inboxes, view settings, etc)
    2. Create Labels (which act like folders)
    3. Create Filters to automatically sort incoming emails
  3. Customize it
    1. Change the appearance with Themes
    2. Change the functionality with Labs

Google Calendar tips & tricks

Some of the best tricks I’ve learned regarding Google Calendar are:

  1. Sharing public calendars
  2. Creating Appointment Slots

(And with Calendar’s recent redesign, it’s much more fun to use too~)

The admin can manage the school calendar and share it publicly with all the teachers and/or students. We then create Appointment Slots in separate calendars for each teacher to allow parents to sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Thank you!

Author: Aaron

Aaron Snowberger is an experienced web developer, graphic designer, and educator in ESL and computer technology. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Master's degree in Media Design, and professional certifications for React (JavaScript) development, and as a Google Certified Educator and Trainer. Aaron is passionate about helping new learners discover the joys of technology, and has presented across the country at multiple local, national, and international conferences in both the ESL and web development fields. His most recent talk was given at the 2019 JSConf (JavaScript Conference) in Seoul on September 3, 2019. (https://2019.jsconfkorea.com/en/tutorials)

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